Sunday, May 29, 2011

Where Have All the Pages Gone???

So I finally found a summer job and it is in the fifth circle of hell known as a restaurant dish pit. I won't blather on about it because I've already done my fair share of griping but it is definitely tough, stressful, disgusting work and my productivity has slowed. But I'm chasing dreams here, and that doesn't come easy. My current comic project for the Calgary Expo is also rather labor intensive due to the nature of the story and the sheer abundance of photo reference. It is a 5 page story for my writer friend Jason Mehmel and the top pic is a preview of page four in progress.

But as a bit of a treat, I realized I hadn't ever posted my inked pages from No More Parents, a pitch project that me and Andrew Foley were working on that I wasn't able to finish. I still really love the concept and characters and hope to put together a pitch someday. But until then, enjoy this all-ages tale in progress.

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