Monday, June 30, 2008

Doodles of Mice and Men

I spent the entire weekend out in the sun trying to hawk VA wares and it was pretty freakin' wonderful. We were part of the U of C Park Sale on Saturday, and we were at Olympic Plaza on Sunday (as we will be for the next 8 weeks or so.) It was here that I experimented with a different style, drawing straight to ink and having crazy amounts of fun in the process. The result was the pic at the top.

I did a similar pic of the guitar playing fellow who hung out at the Plaza providing some very soothing background music, but it was purchased by a kind couple from England, I believe. They promptly walked over to the musician and showed him the pic while I waved shyly. He shook his fist and said "I'll get you for this!" I yelled back "What? Are you gonna write a song about me?!" I'm pretty sure it was all in good fun. Pretty sure...

The elf was a doodle done at work. I can hear him shrieking in a Zim-like voice "Oh my god, I fucking LOVE snow!"

The last two pics were from last Drink n Draw. I love the boxer mouse guy and kinda want to do a story about him now.

So back in Junior High I saw the play Of Mice and Men. It was so good that I became horribly sad for a week. I was such a delicate flower.

If I don't see you tomorrow, Happy Canada Day!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bizarre Bazaar

Alright, so the Art Market at Olympic Plaza wasn't that bizarre, but I couldn't pass up such a great blog post title. And really, we all know that post titles are what differentiate the good blogs from the great ones...right?
Check out the VA Blog ( to see some photos of said event, which was pretty slow for the day, but a great opportunity to reach people who have never heard of Vicious Ambitious. We'll be at Olympc Plaza for the next 9 Sunday's, so feel free to drop in and say "who are you?"
Above are some sketches I did throughout the day, starting with an animated version of Chief Black Beans and Kochise, characters played by Steve and Gord for our grindhouse cop flick Enter the Dragnet 2. This was a blast to draw.
That devil is from a story I was going to write for Pumpkin Juice but just ending up bailing on. I still like the visual of the devil in a duster though. I could never think of a good title for the story and then Gord just said off the top of his head "God Looked Away." That's pretty awesome. Don't know if I'll ever do the story though...
I saw Hulk last week and liked it more than I thought I would. Any time my inner critic tried to speak out, he was interrupted by my inner twelve year old shouting "whoa!" or "Jesus!" I couldn't deny the cool. That helicoptor crash at the university was just too sweet.
Long post. Thanks for reading.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Congrats, Steve and Rhonda!

Huge congrats to Steve and Rhonda Gervais on the arrival of their first child, Dean! That's so friggin' awesome! Best wishes to all of you.

I thought it fitting to show off a pic that I did up last year after joking with my friend Abby about inappropriate greeting cards and invitations. This one is for a baby shower:

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back Dicks and Murderous Octopi...

... are just a few of the madcap topics that get kicked around at the local Drink n Draw. So here's a sampling of delights from the past eve, the first being another character design for the upcoming Holiday Men arc. It's a Nutcracker Bot and I like it. The original design was very clunky and far too simple, but I'm happier with this one. They should be a blast to draw.
I've also got a lady, which is okay (I'm still trying to get better at drawing women, especially since two major characters in HMen Ep.2 happen to be hot ladies) and a rather poorly rendered Sharkmang. He is Mexican.
Well, I'm off to research Octopus related deaths on the Google. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gettin' Design-y on Yer Ass

Okay, so it's been awhile since the last entry, but I HAVE been working on stuff. See?
Character design is probably my favorite part of the comics process at the moment so I'm really having fun with the designs for Episode 2 of THE HOLIDAY MEN. The main characters won't change too much, but I wanted to update them a bit, add some more detail, and well, the next part takes place at the North Pole, so these guys have to dress for the weather right? Plus, I have to draw these friggin' guys for 27 pages, so I had better dig their duds.
A lot of photo ref was used here. Though not at all on Bunny's junk. I have that shit memorized.
These look pretty sloppy, so don't judge too harshly, but they should do rather nicely for reference throughout the upcoming arc. I am by nature a pretty sloppy penciller, usually refining the drawing after retracing it a few (sometimes more) times and then inking it all nice and tight. Thank god (or more specifically Steve and Fiona) for hooking me up with a light table on my last B-Day. It is intrumental to my process and was probably the best present I've ever received.
I've actually done a few more designs, but they are of new characters and I don't want to spoil the surprise. But I will say, I cannot wait to start drawing this comic again.
That being said, me and Foley will probably be submitting a comic to Zuda. Before or after Episode 2? I'm not sure. But it'll take some prep, as I'll be modelling my style after a classic artist, which will be fun, but definitely a challenge.
Drink and Draw tomorrow! Yes!!!