Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Sketching is a state of mind, man. It's a lifestyle, ya dig?"

My attitude towards my sketchbook changed dramatically over my second year at ACAD, which recently came to a close.


Sketching is just something I need to be doing all the time, and the thing that makes it enjoyable is the idea of using the sketchbook as a journal of sorts, a log of your influences and experiments with art and ideas and sometimes more personal than that. I've been able to more than double my in-sketchbook productivity.

I've been pushing more observational work and photo reference to compliment my current abilities and my teachers are really pushing me to push that further.


Anyways, here are some choice pages from my current sketchbook.

"Yeah, it's a Moleskine! Because I'm worth it!" he screams, ever searching for validation.

I should mention that the intro page of each of my sketchbooks is now ornately decorated with unicorn magic by my girlfriend Natasha, as well as the promise of nude photos for anyone who finds my skethbook if lost.

"Nude photos of who?!"

I'll never tell! *wink* EDIT: I may have accidentally implied these were photos of Natasha. I meant to imply they were nude photos of me. Better? Worse?

Stay on the lookout for an overview of my second year projects and explorations!

And get some sun, god knows we all need it.


Cognoman said...

Too much to comment on! But I will say that that picture of Graham ("drawn with left hand, refined with right") is awesome. What an endearingly smug little smirk he has, heh heh. And the way the lines in his arms disappear in to one another is, aesthetically, just really interesting. Who knows if that was intentional, but I'm giving you credit for it 'cause it was from your hands that that beauty was wrought. From your hands.

Your sweet, buttery, sausagey, beauty-wroughting hands. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Sketchbook Using = Yes!!!

MR. NICK said...

Why thanks, Cognoman, that is sweet and creepy. I had an inkling that that would be your favorite piece. My left hand definitely has different instincts from my right, with some interesting results.