Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rock Out with Your Chalk Out!

My second year at ACAD is well under way and it is every bit as insane as I was told it would be. The good news is that I'm taking some sweet classes with some awesome projects, good teachers, and I'm sure I can already see a difference in my art.

Anyways, the first week of school also brought with it the annual Chalk Walk. I almost didn't enter because I was pretty busy but I'm glad I did. My first day at Chalk Walk was tons of fun, Natasha was a fun chalk buddy and I managed to pull in second place for the competition. I basically just did my take of American Gothic: cartoony, chalky, saturated like a mushroom trip.

Below are the pics of my work in progress. It's not very comprehensive. And I threw in a pic of me looking like a maniac. And Natasha flashing some gang signs or something.

Took part in 24 Hour Comic Day last month. Hoping to have that scanned soon.

See you, Mary Lou.