Friday, December 1, 2017


About ten years ago, I was joking around with my good buddy Chad, saying: "If I ever release a collection of my comic short stories, I'm going to call it NICK JOHNSON: ALL OF ME, just like that FARRAH FAWCETT Playboy video. And I'm going to fill it with pinup photos of myself that homage the exact ones on the dvd box. Wouldn't that be HILARIOUS?"

Well, when I finally got around to collecting these shorts, I'd forgotten about this convo entirely! That was until aforementioned good buddy Chad piped up and said "Hey Nick, weren't you going to name it after that Farrah Fawcett video???"

I'm a man of my word.

Thankfully, I thought better of the photo pinups and decided to draw my cartoon self into the book instead. You're welcome!

So behold! NICK JOHNSON: ALL OF ME! 142 pages of comic stories drawn between 2005 and 2015! What started as a collection of my own work turned into a tribute to the wide array of insanely talented, and good-hearted folk I've worked with throughout the years!

While I did publish a very small print run of this big, very costly book, it is now available digitally on COMIXCENTRAL, a fantastic hub for indie comics!  I've got a Shop there now featuring my first mini-comic series, THE ART OF DODGING SHADOWS and the fan favourite WOLF HANDS! Here is a smattering of the many stories you will find inside:


Most of these stories have been out-of-print or otherwise unavailable for years, some of them have never been released before, so I was vehement that these stories get one more chance to shine.

Flipping through this book, and literally seeing my evolution as a comics storyteller, is pretty thrilling. And remembering all the great times I've had with the vibrant Alberta comics community warms my shrivelled little grape of a heart.

I hope you'll enjoy the ride!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

There's Something About Your First Bite...

It brings me great pleasure to be able to announce (finally!) the project I've been working on since November of last year....

...THE V-CARD! Written and funded by my mysterious benefactor, Dallas Casavant, with letters by Sean Rinehart! I've been describing it as "American Pie with vampires" and as you can see from the cover, we are leaning into that idea pretty damn hard.

THE CAPTIVE AUDIENCE: Dear God, Nick! Won't you stop your incessant yammering and tell us WHERE we can buy the damn book!?!

NICK: Ha! Ha! Ha! Why certainly!

Issues 1 and 2 will be available in print this very weekend at the EDMONTON EXPO! Dallas will have copies at his table (TABLE 820/920), where I will be signing, sketching, and selling original art, throughout the weekend. Also, I will once again be hanging out in Artist Alley (TABLE H09) with my pal Sho Uehara, hawking copies of WISHLESS: A GRAPHIC ANTHOLOGY and LEIGHTON RELIQUARY!

Below is some preview art to get your eyeballs salivating!

And here's a sneak peek at the cover of Issue 2, which shows off Dallas' love for the one and only PRINCE, with an homage to the Purple Rain album cover art.

As I mentioned, BOTH issues will be available at the Edmonton Expo this very week.

Also, Dallas has started up a Kickstarter page to help fund the completion of Issues 3 and 4 (which I have already begun to draw) and it would be so awesome of you to take a peek at the site and, heck, make a pledge if you are so inclined. There are some really fun rewards! And there's a sneak peek at the MOTION COMIC of V-Card that is currently in production. Very cool to see my art in motion. Maybe I should get into animation... I'm sure I could take that on and still live a balanced life....

(NOTE: Nick Johnson was never seen again.)

See you in Edmonton this weekend!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


This past Spring, I had the pleasure of working with my previous collaborator Pete Balkwill to create a supplementary comic story for an amazing artistic endeavour. Working with the assistance of the Leighton Art Centre, and other talented artists in Calgary, we created LEIGHTON RELIQUARY, an art show on display at the Centre from March to April. Now that the show is officially finished, I present the entire comic in all its Canadian history glory!

This was easily one of the most fun and rewarding comic experiences I've had thus far, the perfect outlet to explore my fascinations with Canadian history, the creative process, heck, even haunted houses! The book is still available at the Leighton Art Centre gift shop and I will have copies at future comic shows to be announced!

I'm actually working full-time as a freelance comicker and illustrator at the moment (WHAT?!? DREAM COME TRUE? HELL YEAH!) and these kinds of gigs really keep the creative spirit thriving. Cuz hey, let's get real, some days even working on comics can feel like a regular day job!

I've been working on a huge comic project since late 2016 that hasn't been officially announced yet, but I'm half way through the second of four issues so I'm hoping I'll have a chance to talk about it soon. You can get a few sneak peeks at my Instagram account!

I'll post a few more updates very soon, including snippets from comic classes I've been teaching and further design work on my comic REACTIONARY.

Thanks so much for reading! Talk soon!