Thursday, July 14, 2011

Because Christopher Gets Bored and Needs Some Stuff to Look At!

One of the many motivations to update my blog (as infrequent as that may be as of late) is keeping my fellow artists entertained with new arts and humorous observations about arts that I'm sure they never bother to read :) If you've never visited Chris Johnston's blog, do so now, because he's got some truly beautiful work and a style all his own. He's a frequent attendee of the Calgary Drink n Draw and reminded me that I hadn't updated in quite some time.

Both of the top pieces are old work that have finally been given the proper colour treatment. And I must say they look far better than before. The Haunted House pic is tearing it up on Tumblr at the moment. Sweet.

Gah, so much to talk about but I really gotta go to bed. We'll talk soon I promise, but for good measure, here is a sketch from Drink n Draw last night. I'm very happy with this spread, and that is clearly the result of observation based drawing, something my teacher's have really been pushing me to do.

I think it's working.


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Chris Johnston said...

yah, good post. wooh. No longer bored.