Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Marvel Cards? Really?

Yes, so I finally got off my lazy behind and started my Marvel Sketch Cards. 9 down. 41 to go. Due date is tomorrow. I figure if the bus driver can punch it to 88mph with a flux capacitor in tow, I can somehow manage this deadline. I'm hatin' that Scarlet Witch...

In other news, the Calgary Expo has come and gone once again. Best con yet. I got to speak with one of my fave artists of all time, Jim Mahfood. Really cool guy. Very talented. Also got to see Steve Rolston again, and he is also a very cool and talented guy. We swapped books. Holiday Men for Little Ghost.

Can't wait for Seattle!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's a Royal!

I do believe last night was my most productive Drink n Draw yet! And so here for your viewing pleasure is my biggest sketch dump yet. I'd love to blither blather on about each pic, but I'll just say this: fave pics are Scud and Ambush guy... and I still can't draw the ladies.
Exciting news! Tonight is Vicious Ambitious' first comic release party! It'll be held at the world's finest hot dog establishment Tubby Dog, and will also feature the debut of our new "flick" ENTER THE DRAGNET 2: DIRTY BADGES. Visit the VA web page for details!
Also, the Calgary Expo is this weekend and it guarantees to be the biggest, most funnest event that ever was. Here's hoping me and Foley sell enough copies of the Holiday Men to cover printing costs. Although honestly, I don't care. I'm not in this business for the money...
I'm in it for the chicks.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

How Do You Spell Relief?

"D-R-I-N-K -N'-D-R-A-W"

It was my first drink n draw in a looong time and it felt good to see everyone again and do up a few random pieces that didn't involve the Holiday Men for once (though I did skecth a pic of Nick anyway...)

This fella happens to be a rendition of my fave animal...the mighty Red Panda! I didn't have photo ref though, so he's not quite right. But I like's him. You can thank Abby for that bit of crotch fat peeking out there. And who is 'Platon', you ask? A photographer that said friend Abby really digs. Mental note: Look up Platon.

I'll finish off today's post with two smaller pics. The first is The Immaculate, a kick ass mother f*%$er who will be featured in a story that is percolating in my brain pan. Drawn with the brush pen, inspired by Crispin Glover.

The rabbit will be for a friend's birthday card and was more fun to draw than I expected.

Lots of news coming up about signing in Edmonton, a release party in Calgary and of course the 2 day con in Calgary! Spring is always so busy. I love it!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stick a Fork In Me...

...I'm done!!! More to the point, WE are done. Andrew, Tiina and I have posted the last installment of Episode 1 of the Holiday Men. Head to chemsetcomics.com to check it out!
And what have we here? Is this the full color preview for the upcoming release of the print version of Holiday Men? Why yes it is! Drawn by myself and colored by my roommate Chad "I've Got a Beard and You Don't" Veinot. The book is the main reason I haven't been posting regularely, but I'm happy to say it's at the printers and I've lit several candles in hopes that they arrive before the Edmonton con on the 20th.
Anyways, I've got shit loads to talk about, but I have no time at the moment. But soon, I promise.
Thanks for everyone's support on the Holiday Men. I appreciate all of the feedback and comments so much.