Monday, June 29, 2009

June 29: No More Parents - Final Pinup

Well, the Comic World exhibit starts this Thursday so I had to wrap this right up:

It goes without saying that there's a lot I would fix up (like adding an actual ground for these cats to be standing on, and the actual composition, etc...) but the final piece does give a good idea of the characters' designs, personalities and the energy that this comic will have.

Oh, and I had the pleasure of reading the first seven pages of the script, provided by the amazing Mr. Andrew Foley, and they are great! This is going to be a lot of fun.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23: No More Parents - inks

Les inks!

June 23: No More Parents - pencils

Here's a pinup I'm working on for the Comic World exhibit (which starts next week by the way!) I'm going to be posting and displaying this piece in three stages: penciling, inking, coloring.

Because I didn't thumbnail this beast, my composition is way out of whack. I'll be fixing that up before I splash some color into it. The roster (starting clockwise from the top):
  1. Ghost Boy
  2. Chinchilla
  3. Bossy Beth
  4. Fisthead
  5. Can-Do
  6. The Sheriff
I'm half way through ON THE ROAD, by Jack Kerouac. It's getting me accustomed to the idea of not eating much or having a lot of money as school approaches and it's making me excited to meet some more budding young artists. Really excited!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 17: Chinchilla Justice!

Here's a redesign for Chinchilla that I'm much happier with. Foley suggested something a little more thrown together. Even goofy. I realize I totally missed the mark on goofy, but I'm sure a confused "wha!?" expression on his face instead of a bad ass one might help that.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16: Ketchup

Okay, so I've definitely fallen behind on my "post-a-day" attempt, though I did do a bit better than last year. But stuff happens.

Webster's Dictionary defines Stuff as :
-heinous computer problems and internet troubles
-writing a short prose story for submission to a local anthology (that feels nice)
-all around laziness

But here's a bunch of character designs for the upcoming No More Parents (which I get more excited about with each passing day:)

Chinchilla! I did this with a brush pen, which is why it looks so sloppy. Maybe I'll stick to the regular pens when I ink the book...

The Sheriff is based on me and a costume I wore to Pure Spec last October.

This is Bookworm and I just realized I forgot to draw the straps of her huge back pack full of books. I think she'll need a bit more tweaking anyway. Looks a little too conventional.

Bossy B--(etty or Bertha or whatever we decide to name her) is my fave design I think. The dress is modeled after one that this lady used to wear at the insurance place I worked. It was so mod and so Kirby at the same time. It was a bizarre thing to wear at the office but I thought it was pretty sweet and I knew I would use it eventually.

In other news:

The Manga I was working on for Zeros2Heros has been posted and you can read the entire volume of stories online right HERE.

My story is called A Day to Remember. I think it's quite obvious that this was my first attempt at Manga, as my work doesn't really fit in with the others (which are all very solid) and just ended up looking a bit too kidsy I think. Ah well. Learning! It was great working with Nick, the writer, and Morgan, the editor. I hope to do so again soon.

Been reading a lot of books lately. Like actual written books. Which is partly why I was so hell bent on getting my short story submitted to the local anthology. I've been bit by that writing bug and it's consuming most of my daily thought. Here's what I've read in the last two months that has my mind a-buzzing:

The Crying of Lot 49 by Pynchon
Animal Farm by Orwell
1984 by Orwell
Brave New World by Huxley

All very awesome. Next on the chopping block:

The Alchemist by Coulho
V. by Pynchon (with more to follow from this guy, I'm sure.)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 06: Topless

This is sorta cheatin' but it is still artwork I guess...

Day Six: These are the final inks for the project I'm working on with Robert Burke Richardson: Top*L.E.S.S.. Now, the powers that be are not too fond of the pencils at this point, so we agreed to fully ink, color and letter the first two penciled pages. If the verdict is still no, then I'll try re-penciling. No problem.

Thing is, I've been staring at the first 2 pages for more than a month (put on hiatus as I finished a contracted assignment) so now, I'm sick to death of them and wondering if I even like them anymore. Ah well. Typical artist reaction, I suppose. We'll give it our best and see what happens.

June 05: Lenny the Lineman

Alright, I'm a day late posting but it was Friday!

Day Five: Lenny the Lineman is a cartoon character I created for Fortis Alberta (where I currently hang my hat as a Xerox contractor nowadays) and will probably be making his debut at the Birds of Prey Centre...wherever that is. Lethbridge maybe?

This is a unique piece in that, after I inked it, it was vectored and colored by my friend Sean Rice, making it suitable for embiggening on posters and it's my first official work that's been vectorized. So this is definitely a collaboration.

After the drawings had been inked and colored, the powers that be were originally concerned that his sleeves being rolled up would be a potential safety hazard for this cartoon character. Regulation states that lineman can't roll up there sleeves.

In protest, Sean declared that if we had to change this drawing to pander to this request, we would pull it and replace it with a purple dragon. Lenny was then approved.


I put in my three weeks notice at Xerox to prepare for a stay at the Creative Kids Museum (at the Telus Science Centre.) Here I will be the resident artist for a limited stay, manning a small exhibit called COMIC WORLD! More details to follow, but basically, it'll be a little place where I will display the history, process and magic of comics, along with my comic work.

Even more exciting, is I will be working on the spot to complete a brand new all ages story called NO MORE PARENTS! Based on an idea I had last year, this exciting romp will be written by Andrew Freakin' Foley and drawn before your very eyes, at the centre, by myself.

Can't wait to get started. The exhibit opens in July, and I'll be posting pieces throughout the month as the date draws closer.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 04: Daredevil (surprise, surprise!)

Ugh. I almost didn't even get anything today but here's a DD. Can't say I'm too fond of it...

Ah well. Onward and upward:)

On a side note, I saw Drag Me To Hell tonight. Scared. The. Shit out of me! It's awesome. Check it out.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 03: The Preacher and His Posse

Alright, so technically this is a little late, but I have a very good reason.

Day Three: This is Jesse, Tulip, Cassidy and The Saint of Sinners from Preacher. I absolutely fucking loved this comic when I first read it. I liked it a little less the second time (as Garth Ennis' voice became a little clearer/preachier on second reading) but I will still acknowledge this comic as one of my favorites. Especially considering the awesome dynamic of the two dudes and one chick and the study of a super strong bond of friendship. And the sheer beauty of reading a modern, truly epic western.

I'm a little tipsy from my night of Drink n Draw n...

But I like this piece I think...

We'll see tomorrow:)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 02: Green Man!

Here's a quick one for today as I'm heading off to the Evil Dead musical tonight.

Day Two: It's Green Man AKA Charlie Kelly (my fave character) from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a contender for my favorite comedy series of all time! If you haven't seen the show, then you've never truly known laughter.

Monday, June 1, 2009

June 01: Jet Pack Mike

I finished my Manga project last week and in typical Nick fashion, haven't done fuck-all since then.


I have decided to try my hand at the "Draw Every Day in x" challenge that my home fry Cognoman always does, partly as incentive to get off my lazy keester and keep drawing. So every day in June, I'll be posting a new pic her on Nick Soup. Sometimes it'll be black and white, sometimes just pencil, sometimes a full color force to be reckoned with. Regardless, something new will be here.

Day One: Chris Johnston's Jet Pack Mike. I've been meaning to do fan art of this guy since April. Visit Chris' blog if you love your eyeballs and be sure to pick up his first comic (JPM) because it's a great read. And I believe it's his first comic ever to boot! (What a bastard...)

Wish me luck. I almost regret it already:)

Oh! And feel free to make requests if you want to see any particular characters drawn. I'll probably run out of ideas pretty quick.