Monday, May 9, 2011

Because Peace of Mind is a Carefully Constructed House of Cards

As my temp agency scours the streets and my resumes float through the void looking for a place to land, I am at home waiting for the call that will lead me to full time summer work and peace of mind knowing I'll be able to pay rent and keep myself (and my gluttonous cats) fed. Until then, I am hard at work doing freelance illustration and creating a structure for my life designed to keep me sane and productive.

This involves a 9am wake up, followed by dishes and general cleaning and then straight to work answering emails and drawing up a storm. By working like a madman at home, I feel a bit less guilty for being here at all. Anyways, here are some of the newest entries in my sketchbook.

Some photo ref here with some spot-collage inspired by some of Natasha's work. Fashion magazine's are probably the best resource for interesting fashion and figure reference. As are art-school girlfriends :)

This is a photo of a Bauhaus actor in full costume. This picture struck a strange chord when I first happened upon it while researching the Bauhaus school for art history. I love the overall strangeness of it. Her pose in the chair. The blank expression on the bronze helmet. I started devising a pulp story in my head called The Utopian Machinations of the Illustrious Madam Bauhaus where she basically floats around in a rocket-powered Wassily chair, shooting at Neo-Futurists who plan on restructuring the world using a purloined Dada Device. Maybe I'll get to draw it someday.

The surrounding doodles are from Drink n Draw.

Which is still at Dickens. And still awesome.

This last one is a work in progress, based on the idea of a wolf wearing a red riding hood mask. The statue is from the Garden of Versailles in France which is chock full of beautiful mythological statues which make for beautiful reference. I don't often draw animals but photo ref helped immensely with this one, as well as shaping my pencil lead to create texture, something my ACAD parter-in-crime Ryder McLean experiments with a lot. (If he had a blog, I would link to it here. Hint, hint, Ryder;)


Cognoman said...

The updates are coming fast and furious now! That Drink & Draw logo is a neat beginning sketch for a potential logo.
Personal favourite in this batch, though, is the Red Riding Hood image; there's a lot of different approaches going on in that one image - nice shading on the guy's toga, nice texture on the wolf's face and nice sultry/inky line quality on the woman mask.
The use of solid 2-D patterns on a 3-D form (in the pic of the 2 women) is always a neat visual too, so kudos on that. Kudos on pushing yourself!

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