Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Update?" What's an Update?

Alright so I think I'm going to start making this blog public knowledge now, and hopefully I'll be able to keep it on a regular schedule of some kind.

If you haven't heard, me and Andrew F***in' Foley (the twisted and talented writer of Parting Ways and Done to Death) are working on the most ass-kickingest webcomic in the galaxy and its called the Holiday Men. It updates every Tuesday on So go there. View it. Enjoy it.
And here's a sneak peek at a panel from said awesome webcomic. It's from page 12 and precedes a horrible act of vehicular carnage that was immense amounts of fun to create. Jacko is my fave character to draw at the moment, probably because I get to draw him the least. Drawing the inside of a van was harder than I thought. Photo reference helped immensely, as it usually does.

Oooh! And I also added links to some very talented folk living in Alberta. The only exception being Paul Maybury, who's book Aqua Leung is released in April. I await it with bated breath.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Despite my best efforts (i.e. not telling anyone of its existence) the secret is out: I've started an art blog.

You may be asking "Nick, why start a secret blog, you drama queen?" I wanted to get the site layout right before I started posting officially, and I wanted to iron out any kinks (the main one being the addition of the Nick Soup banner, which I just figured out.)

I also can't guarantee any kind of regularity in posting yet, as my personal scanner is still down. But if the snoopy Mr. Foley, and the nosy Mr. Johnny could track me down, I guess it's safe to say I've officially gone live. (Just kidding, guys.) So I think I'll still keep Nick Soup on the down low for the time being but feel free to drop by and comment or wield anonymous insults. I'll try to have something new for you.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The secret posts just keep a coming . . . Here's the honorable Judge Dredd, in a style not necessarily my own. Hooray for experimentation! That is unless there are animals involved...or anal probes.

Your MOM is the law!

Friday, January 4, 2008


I should make this a wink lengthier in order to truly test the mathemagical factor of magnificense that could potentially be my blog. Cower! Kneel before Zod!