Monday, March 23, 2009

Space Monkey Being Launched in 5...4...3...

Alright!!! So I'm finally finished penciling and lettering SPACE NINJA MONKEY FACE! It took way too long, but it feels nice to have another story freshly squeezed from my mind grapes and ready for mass consumption.

Just gotta wait on Conor's inks now. They will blow. Your. Mind.

ROCKET JUICE will debut at the April show in Calgary and it's going to be sweet!

Immediately after finishing a project, the question becomes "What's next?" I'll be working with another Edmontonian writer, Robert Burke Richardson, on a short story which we're hoping to see published, though I won't yet say where (don't wanna jinx anything:)

Also, VA has had some sweet publicity lately! And you thought we'd given up!?! You can see a glowing review in this month's BROKEN PENCIL for the classic Gord Cummings release MERCY SEAT Volume 1. I got to draw Gord's willy in this one and the reviewer had this to say:
"This zine includes, I kid you not, the cutest cartoon penis I have ever seen. Seriously I never knew that the penis could aspire to the adorable, but apparently Cummings' unit when he was in grade school could have been captioned as a lolcat."

That should probably go on the cover of future reprints:)

Next, we had the pleasure of being interviewed by a very nice fellow from the Calgary Journal, Kevin de Vlaming. It also features some wise words from local artist Riley Rossmo and a pic of three of the handsomest devils that VA has to offer;)

What's that you say? "Enough chit chat, Nick. Make with the pictures!" Sorry, you're right.

Here's some more Verasoft stuff. The first is the final product (the client requested the color scheme) and the second was my first stab at the pose, which I like better. Who doesn't like a badass? I guess no one wants to buy software from a pissed off superhero.

This last one was done a long time ago for a strip for these guys that never quite got made. I love this design, but once again, no dice. Dems da breaks. Just means I can use it later:)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I really should be in bed right now but I'm up late doing (what I hope to be) the final colors for my latest piece for Verasoft. I just can't get to bed right after I finish working because my brain is all wired.

This was a toughie, as I had some difficulty giving life to the client's fairly specific vision but I think it turned out alright in the end. I guess I'll know for sure when he emails me back later. It was also one of the first times I have had my work critiqued based on a vague description I gave to the Drink n Draw folks:) It was surprisingly informative.

The right is pretty blank because that's where all the words will go.

Tonight was also the first table reading for The Wizards' Christmas, the upcoming animated film from Calgary based New Machine studios in which I have landed a juicy part. It was so much fun and I am getting really excited about this. It's so great to be a part of such a large production where everyone is adding there own creative expertise (no, that doesn't refer to my squeaky voice work) to achieve this wonderful final product. Plus, apparently I'm a ham, so this acting thing is way cool to me:) I'll keep you posted on the release of this future classic.

I felt like there was something else I had to say...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

"...You're Locked in Here With ME!"

Just got back from watching the Watchmen.

Goddamn, what an experience. It's a special thing to be able to to see something so bizarre and unconventional playing out on the big screen. It's really heavy, very moving stuff, as is the comic book itself of course, and they both really inspire me to add as much weight and care as possible to all of my upcoming written projects.

Speaking of which, I've just finished a fairly detailed breakdown of the Reactionary plot. It was brain straining work, as I'm trying to get the story as tight as possible, but I think it'll be worth it. I am a little worried that the content might be a little harsh though. Guess we'll see. Next step is to hand it off to my pal, Drew, for some great critique.

Here's a pin-up I did this weekend for an anthology book being published in Edmonton:

The book is being put together by Paul Lavalee and this is his original character, Sabotage. I was going to add some gray tones but . . . I just didn't feel like it, I guess. I think the piece is still pretty strong in the classic black and white though.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Do a Whole Bunch of Settler Shit!"

Another helpful piece of advice from Fiona that helped make last night's Drink n Draw another memorable good time. Here are a couple of pics from last night's shenanigans:

And here you'll see a lounge singer (a secret dream job of mine) and a character that was created out of the madness of our last VA podcast. A secret agent who is terrified of heights while he is human, but can fly a helicopter when he's a Werewolf!

I think we should call it...Airwolf:)

Man, things are stupid busy right now. It's awesome. And exciting. Lots more to come:)