Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Off the Map Put Me On the Map!

The universe conspired to bring my voice to the masses last week, as a last minute cancellation led to an invitation to be on the radio! CJSW to be precise. (That's me on the left, staring forward into the boundless glory of the marvelous future.)

Roberto Duque was kind enough to invite me to join him, and Septembryo front man Michael Hill, onto the show Off the Map with K. We talked comics, this week's Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, movies and more! It was a ton of fun and we all hope to chat again soon. 

Mike was awesome enough to track down the program and post it online for posterity.

You can listen to the show RIGHT HERE! And be changed forever!

Friday, April 18, 2014

A Banner Year

We are cooking now! Been working really hard this week, penciling this amazing little pitch with writers Tim Daniel and Jesse Young. I can't really show it off right now but I know Tim posted this little promo sketch on Facebook so it's open season!

Can't wait to show Dash to the world, but until that glorious moment, I've been taking part in various activities to keep creative and keep in touch with the local community. What better way to do that than the Alpha Comics Cover Challenge!?

Alpha Comics is an amazing local store here in Calgary run by Chris, a super stellar guy and a hell of a comics fan. He's been hosting these challenges at his store and it's been a lot of fun drawing next to all the amazing artists that call Calgary home. Here's the most recent one, judged by the amazing Mr. Scott Snyder! I snagged third place! Wahoo!

See the other entries HERE!

And here was the previous challenge for Wolverine. I actually snagged first place on this one, big thanks to the judge, the illustrious Ryan Stegman.

The other entries can be found by clicking THIS EXACT SPOT.

I'll also be be signing at Alpha Comics during Free Comic Day this May, alongside my sometimes-partner-in-crime Christopher Peterson. Details for the event can be found HERE.

And to wrap things up, with the annual Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo less than a week away, I decided to make that last big step into the realm of professional artist: MAKING A GIANT BANNER WITH MY NAME ON IT! I used an eye catching piece from fourth year illustration.

And here's the photo Natasha said I shouldn't use because it is unprofessional.

She might be right.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Back From Beyond!

I really can't believe it's been this long since I posted, but what better way to kick things off than BACK FROM BEYOND!?  This motion comic music video for Florida band MASSACRE was created by yours truly, featuring animation by my mega talented friend, Ryder McLean and directed by long-time collaborator Doug Cook.

This beast of a video has been waiting in the rafters for the release of the band's new album and I am thrilled to finally show it off to the world. Ryder and I both used our last semester at ACAD to work on this for Century Media and the band was quite pleased with the final result, which is so damn cool..

I wrote up the story and did the storyboards. Ryder did the amazing backgrounds based off of my super rough drawings. I then drew and coloured all of the figures and passed them off to Ryder to bring them to life. Doug was there the whole way giving feedback and eventually editing the final product.

Sorry about the long absence. I've been doing a lot of comic pitches which take lots of time to finish but don't tend to see the light of day until they've been rejected... or picked up! But rest assured, I will post right when it is safe to do so.

In the meantime,  I'll get right back to work and I'll do my best to update more regularly from now on!

Until then, here are a few pages of GO GETTERS, recently released by Monkeybrain Comics, coloured by myself. It's a super fun comic at an unbeatable price. Really fun to work on, and a great way to flex my muscles as a colourist!

Colours by me, pencils and inks by Christopher Peterson, written by Shawn Aldridge. You can get a full copy of the comic online right HERE!

Talk soon!