Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Death and the Maiden...and Some Cops...and a 1972 Dodge Challenger

Here is a piece I've submitted to an indie artist art book that'll be available at the upcoming Expo in Calgary this June. The RGB colors here are different than the final CMYK that'll end up in the book, but they're close enough. I had never read Poe's short story until this year. I ended up doing an adaptation of it into an animatic, as well as this poster so now I'm a bit sick of it, and sick of drawing horrible displays of carnage. But it's a great story and it was a good opportunity for me to flex some of my darker, horror muscles.

I remember during the first week of anatomy, someone mentioned that my attempt at scary work looked very "Scooby Doo." I then set out to push my scary stuff into darker territory. Bleeding eyeballs help with that.

This was the final assignment for Illustration. An iconic poster in the form of the old communist/socialist propaganda of Russia. I liked the contrast of Soviet colors with exploitation Americana content. Different process for coloring on this one, as I didn't rely on greys for value, but separate masks of red and yellow, as well as really pushing the blacks.


FS said...

Love the lettering on the Poe thing

MR. NICK said...

Thanks, Fiona. I hand traced a font and then re-inked it. It was a happy accident because I painted over it unintentionally while doing the background texture and then I was like "oh wait, that's cool."

Hooray! said...

Man! You're good! Just accidently hit Next Blog and yours came up. Very skillful hand.

MR. NICK said...

Thanks, Tinseltine! I love the randomness goodness of the internet.