Monday, June 1, 2009

June 01: Jet Pack Mike

I finished my Manga project last week and in typical Nick fashion, haven't done fuck-all since then.


I have decided to try my hand at the "Draw Every Day in x" challenge that my home fry Cognoman always does, partly as incentive to get off my lazy keester and keep drawing. So every day in June, I'll be posting a new pic her on Nick Soup. Sometimes it'll be black and white, sometimes just pencil, sometimes a full color force to be reckoned with. Regardless, something new will be here.

Day One: Chris Johnston's Jet Pack Mike. I've been meaning to do fan art of this guy since April. Visit Chris' blog if you love your eyeballs and be sure to pick up his first comic (JPM) because it's a great read. And I believe it's his first comic ever to boot! (What a bastard...)

Wish me luck. I almost regret it already:)

Oh! And feel free to make requests if you want to see any particular characters drawn. I'll probably run out of ideas pretty quick.