Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23: No More Parents - pencils

Here's a pinup I'm working on for the Comic World exhibit (which starts next week by the way!) I'm going to be posting and displaying this piece in three stages: penciling, inking, coloring.

Because I didn't thumbnail this beast, my composition is way out of whack. I'll be fixing that up before I splash some color into it. The roster (starting clockwise from the top):
  1. Ghost Boy
  2. Chinchilla
  3. Bossy Beth
  4. Fisthead
  5. Can-Do
  6. The Sheriff
I'm half way through ON THE ROAD, by Jack Kerouac. It's getting me accustomed to the idea of not eating much or having a lot of money as school approaches and it's making me excited to meet some more budding young artists. Really excited!

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