Saturday, November 29, 2008

And the Train Gets a Rollin'

Alright, so I FINALLY got another page of Space Ninja Monkey Face done! There is a big reveal on this page as the package that Gary has been carrying for four months is finally opened. To preserve the secret, I have covered the contents with pictures of my ample face.

I really enjoyed designing the pimped out pad of this famous rock band, Stitchface and the Fingerpuppets. I mean, if you were a successful, interstellar emo band, you'd own giant lava lamps right?

I had the pleasure of attending THE OTHER DRINK n DRAW last week. Riley invited me along and it was a full house. I was too shy to really make any good conversation, but I did drink and draw and try something new, so Mission Accomplished! There were a lot of nice, talented folks there and I definitely plan to attend again sometime soon. Here's a cowboy I drew that night:

Because I'm a big jerk, I neglected to mention two new sites that you must visit soon and regularly if you love your eyeballs. The first is It's Chris Johnston's blog and he's a co-worker of my roommate's and is acting Art Director of New Machine Studios. Needless to say, he is awesome.

The second is, the brilliant webcomic by mystery member of VA, Cognoman. I am baffled at the sheer volume of ridiculous, poignant, demented things that leak out of his brain and into his pencil.

Have you told your eyes that you love them today? Check these guys out.


FS said...

I can't wait to find out what's under that photo of a head! I'll totally pretend to be surprised!

I like the cowboy, although I can't tell if that's his mouth or his moustache, and I'm not sure which is funnier, either.

Anonymous said...