Thursday, November 13, 2008

One Fish, Two Fish, Hey, I Get to Be in the Newspaper!!!...ish.

Thanks to some sweet connections I made a while back, I'm lucky enough to have a piece featured in tomorrow morning's Calgary Herald. It refers to some Dr. Seuss readings going on here in Calgary.

I attempted to ape Dr. Seuss' style for this pic, while still inflicting my personal style upon it and I think it worked out. The composition is kinda wonky thanks to some misplaced book stacks, but I think I can get over it...I think. And it's always nice to have another colored piece floating around. I went with a very simple coloring scheme, similar to what the Almighty Seuss went with in his books.

Went to Drink n Draw last night after a looong hiatus. It was tons of fun as usual. And here's all I got done:

I know what you're saying: "The Holiday Men, again?" Yeah, well, they're tons of fun to draw and I'm right about to jump back into it and I want to fool around with their designs a little more. Val especially. Trying to get his head just right, and then keeping it consistent, has always been a challenge. But I like this new head. I think I'll keep it. Drawing St. Nick is almost becoming second nature. I threw some PS color in there to keep things interesting too.

Well, it's my BDay tomorrow. Turning 26. Here's hoping this year involves me working harder, being more productive and fucking shit up a little less:) My good.

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