Monday, April 20, 2015

The Red is My Reward

Another Calgary Expo has come and gone. I am exhausted and thrilled after 4 days of sketching, selling comics, and most importantly, talking with so many fantastic people.

This photo was taken by my pal Nathan. If you're wondering why I'm hiding my hand, it's not because I'm imitating an Imperial officer, I just broke my pinky at Dodgeball last week, and I am hiding my monstrosity of a hand. It was a hell of a conversation starter!

Every sketch I do tends to have some vibrant red/orange colour used on it. It's the part of the drawing I save for last because it's like a reward, candy for my rods and cones. Well that's what the Expo has always been for me. A giant celebration of all the hard work that goes into comicking throughout the year.

This year was special because it was the first time I was invited as a Creator Guest. I am very appreciative and had an amazing time at the booth. The volunteers and staff were super supportive and tons of fun to joke around with all weekend. Really looking forward to next year already!

Now that the souvenir book has been released, I can reveal my art contribution. The original art was donated to the Expo where the pieces were bid on for charity. I was very proud to have been able to contribute to this and thankful that the Expo set it all up.

And without further ado, here are some of my sketches throughout the con. Sorry about the focus issues on some. My phone camera is out of commission so I had to use an ancient artifact known simply as a "digital camera". It is 5 megapixels and apparently can't focus, haha!

The Goddam Batman

Ultron vs. Deadpool

I think this one's my favourite. I forgot how much fun it is to draw Spiderman!

Betty and Veronica formed a new band called Who Needs Archie?

Black Panther

Jawas, oon-tee-hee!

Joker. On the Batgirl cover... I'm not trying to start shit, I swear.

Finally, I was lucky enough to be a part of some great promotional interviews throughout the convention. Here is a snippet from an interview on Trending at Shaw. It was tons of fun.

And here is a rather loud interview with me and Justin by my pal Chris Doucher of GNN. His interviews are a ridiculous amount of candid fun, and this one includes beers so... be warned! It really shows off the social spirit of the community during a con which makes the experience so damn special.

That's all for now! Time to recharge the batteries and dive head first into the next exciting projects!

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