Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dash, Bradbury!

Adorable Little Dreamer Boy:
Daddy, where do comic pitches go when they die?

Eternally Patient, Enabling Father:
An idea never dies, son. 
It just bounces around the void until it finds the perfect home.

Well, that's the scenario that plays out in my head anyway.

I mentioned Dash Bradbury! a bunch of times throughout the blog. It is a pitch I created with the uber-talented writing team of Tim Daniel and Jesse Young, with some fantastic letters by Thomas Mauer. Unfortunately, the pitch did not find a home. The silver lining being that I can now show you a year's worth of hard work making some seriously fun comic pages.

And who knows, if enough people see the pitch online and enjoy it, Dash may yet have his day.


The Calgary Expo is just a week away, so if you happen to be there, be sure to visit me at table E12, where I'll be sketching, chatting, hamming it up and belting out tunes, as per usual. And with a little luck, signing issues of Wolf hands : Season 2! God speed USPS. God speed.

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