Monday, March 4, 2013

Fine Art Tangents and the Usual Suspects

Every once in a while I get diverted from my illustration/comic book ambitions and fancy a crack at some "fine art" work. 

This piece is called Tabula Rasa, it's a companion piece to St. Portenta, which I did about a year prior. I used graphite and paint. That's right, GOLD acrylic paint. I wish I had ore time to explore this kind of work but, as I may have mentioned, school is keeping my pretty busy.

Finished this piece for Advertising Illustration. The assignment was to create a pattern and I chose Bryan Singer's film The USual Suspects as my subject because of the dense web of lies and mystery woven into the film. I was obsessed with the film a few years ago and it is still pretty high on my fave list.

Had trouble with this pattern, tried to break out of a rigid grid-like composition and play around with what a pattern could be but my stubborn mind had trouble loosening up. Seems to be a constant issue but my crit really helped open my eyes.

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Scott Kowalchuk said...

Nick, could I arrange getting a print of the USUAL SUSPECTS pattern? I adore it! email me: