Thursday, February 12, 2009

You Must BECOME the Rock!

I have been jonesing to do an album cover since I was a kid and I finally got my chance. FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL TO THE GATES OF HEAVEN is the new CD from Lac La Biche artist Leo Biollo and it drops sometime soon. Its great heavy metal with a surprisingly strong and positive message and its a concept album to boot, so I can't wait to hear the whole thing.

I was lucky enough to contribute a front and back cover to Leo's CD and here's a glimpse at the pain staking process:

These are the pencils.

These are the inks, which always seem to ruin the pencils.

And these are the colors, which I'm told make this hellish cover look like a desert.

And the battle continues . . .


G-man said...

Awesome Composition . . . I think I could have done better colors as I would have added a little more depth. But That is so awesome as both Dark and Light are brought together. Great Stuff Nick...

- Richard Grzela

Chika Ando said...

eww! i mean.. yey! your choice of blog background is same as mine's!
about "inking ruins pencil works". i know what you mean. i used to think exactly the same. but you know what, both pencil's and ink's looking really goooooood!

FS said...

Did you read my tirade yet? I mean crit?

MR. NICK said...

Richard- Thanks.

Chika- Aaargh! I though I was so original! And the inking will be a constant struggle, but worth every minute:) Thanks!

Fiona- Yes. Very helpful tira- I mean, crit. I'll definitely keep that pirate pic in mind next time around.

Caleb- Thanks! It'd probably look better if done on a tablet:)Training starts this weekend!

Daniel Andrews said...

Hows the tablet Training?
Hows Space Ninja Monkey Face doing?