Saturday, February 28, 2009

Best of the Worst

Okay, so it's been such a long time since I updated my blog. Why? I wonder. Then Fiona says that I'm overthinking it and I should just put up my sketches cuz people like that. So here's some of the better stuff I've done at Drink n Draw lately, which is in a brand new location, the coolest (most probably haunted) pub around, the Hop n Brew. You should come down sometime. It's tons of fun.

My apolgies to everyone last time if I got a little nuts. I showed up late from a work function at which there was free wine:( Though I don't always get to show up dressed in a tie with a lay around my neck and a hula hoop around my waist:)

Bring on the pics!

This is an alien, for no reason. And that's Dan Van Cool beside him, yelling about podcasts. Perfect likeness by the way:)

You'll notice I've really been experimenting with spotting blacks, at the behest and encouragement of my D n D brethren...and sistren.

I was quite fond of this Barbarella at first, and now I see her forehead and eye are huge. So I'll keep trying...

And that's all for now. More updates to, like, three minutes.