Wednesday, July 2, 2008


BEHOLD! This thing of beauty is evidence of the magic that can happen when two artists put there heads together. This is Iron Man (I draw him a heck of a lot more than I use to) with pencils by myself and inks and colors by fellow VA Poster Boy, COGNOMAN. Cogs has a very unique style to his pencils and inks, and seeing it rendered on top of my work gives me quite a thrill. It must be mutual because we've both agreed to work on a story for the upcoming sci-fi VA anthology "ROCKET JUICE."
Oh, and I believe that qualifies as the first official announcement of said project. We're shooting to have it debut at the Comic Expo at the Red and White Club on October 5th.
If I can get some nice quality prints of this, I'll probably be selling them at the Olympic Plaza Art Bazaar on Sunday. Hopefully we'll see you there!


Anonymous said...

This is so totally awesome. I love the colors, inks, and wonky proportions and gesture.


Richard "Virge" Barkman said...

That's just terrible and you should really just stop drawing right now.....oops, is this on? Ha ha, just kidding dude! That is awesome and I hope you're able to get some cool prints of it made up! I too, like Abby dig the wonky proportions and think you guys kicked some ass on this. Iron Man rocks! Good job gents!

Johnny said...

Hey Nick!

Your work is awesome as always and with the touch of Cog. Great stuff!

MR. NICK said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! The fact that you're digging this as much as I am is making me really excited for that sci-fi story.