Monday, June 30, 2008

Doodles of Mice and Men

I spent the entire weekend out in the sun trying to hawk VA wares and it was pretty freakin' wonderful. We were part of the U of C Park Sale on Saturday, and we were at Olympic Plaza on Sunday (as we will be for the next 8 weeks or so.) It was here that I experimented with a different style, drawing straight to ink and having crazy amounts of fun in the process. The result was the pic at the top.

I did a similar pic of the guitar playing fellow who hung out at the Plaza providing some very soothing background music, but it was purchased by a kind couple from England, I believe. They promptly walked over to the musician and showed him the pic while I waved shyly. He shook his fist and said "I'll get you for this!" I yelled back "What? Are you gonna write a song about me?!" I'm pretty sure it was all in good fun. Pretty sure...

The elf was a doodle done at work. I can hear him shrieking in a Zim-like voice "Oh my god, I fucking LOVE snow!"

The last two pics were from last Drink n Draw. I love the boxer mouse guy and kinda want to do a story about him now.

So back in Junior High I saw the play Of Mice and Men. It was so good that I became horribly sad for a week. I was such a delicate flower.

If I don't see you tomorrow, Happy Canada Day!

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