Friday, July 18, 2008

Try and Stay Positive

Wow, it's been way too long since my last post. I'm surprised no one's called me on it. But here's a nice peek into the the process to make up for my silence.
This is a piece for the August issue of Beatroute and features the lead singer from Hold Steady, whose new album "Stay Positive" is being reviewed. I tried really hard to get his likeness down. I think it's there but it could be better. As you can see, I went a little crazy with the pastels on this one. I'm really trying to make these Beatroute pics very colorful and eye catching without being gaudy or aneurism-inducing. I don't have too much experience using color, so it's all part of the grand learning experience.
I've laid out the first 4 pages of the Holiday Men, Episode 2. It's going to be great and it feels good to finally get down to business. Far too much lolligagging on that front lately. On every front in general I suppose. It's been a rough fuckin' month, guys...


Craig Zablo said...

Well... welcome back! We were about to send out the troops to find you.

Thanks for the look at the steps you took for the latest piece.

FS said...

I like the colours! The candy-palette suits that magical beer jukebox pretty well. Bright primary colours would have been too Chuck E. Cheese.

Daniel Andrews said...

A good 3 step Post buddy. I gotta agree with Fiona about the colors.
with holiday men starting back I hope you will staill make time for your Drink & Draw friends :D

FS said...

Somebody needs to updaaaaate


Daniel Andrews said...

She's right ya know...^_^