Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back Dicks and Murderous Octopi...

... are just a few of the madcap topics that get kicked around at the local Drink n Draw. So here's a sampling of delights from the past eve, the first being another character design for the upcoming Holiday Men arc. It's a Nutcracker Bot and I like it. The original design was very clunky and far too simple, but I'm happier with this one. They should be a blast to draw.
I've also got a lady, which is okay (I'm still trying to get better at drawing women, especially since two major characters in HMen Ep.2 happen to be hot ladies) and a rather poorly rendered Sharkmang. He is Mexican.
Well, I'm off to research Octopus related deaths on the Google. Thanks for stopping by.


Daniel Andrews said...

The nut cracker look great man. I like the detail leading from his eyes. A good addition to the series.

Shark boy looks like he has a cock :P
Cool design though.

FS said...

Haha, your sketchbook notes read like tabloid headlines. I can see you tried in vain to scratch out "backdick." Still highly visible!

Here's a baby with two faces:

MR. NICK said...

Thanks, Dan! And yes, it seems my subconsious won't allow me to go through one drink n draw without starting some phallic mayhem.

Nice link, eff! What really creeps me out is how the kid drinks milk from both mouths!