Monday, June 23, 2008

Bizarre Bazaar

Alright, so the Art Market at Olympic Plaza wasn't that bizarre, but I couldn't pass up such a great blog post title. And really, we all know that post titles are what differentiate the good blogs from the great ones...right?
Check out the VA Blog ( to see some photos of said event, which was pretty slow for the day, but a great opportunity to reach people who have never heard of Vicious Ambitious. We'll be at Olympc Plaza for the next 9 Sunday's, so feel free to drop in and say "who are you?"
Above are some sketches I did throughout the day, starting with an animated version of Chief Black Beans and Kochise, characters played by Steve and Gord for our grindhouse cop flick Enter the Dragnet 2. This was a blast to draw.
That devil is from a story I was going to write for Pumpkin Juice but just ending up bailing on. I still like the visual of the devil in a duster though. I could never think of a good title for the story and then Gord just said off the top of his head "God Looked Away." That's pretty awesome. Don't know if I'll ever do the story though...
I saw Hulk last week and liked it more than I thought I would. Any time my inner critic tried to speak out, he was interrupted by my inner twelve year old shouting "whoa!" or "Jesus!" I couldn't deny the cool. That helicoptor crash at the university was just too sweet.
Long post. Thanks for reading.


FS said...

Um, I choose Black Beans even though he's talking about death... at least he looks sincere.

MR. NICK said...

Yeah, Kochise ended up looking a little creepier than Gord actually does.

Just a little.