Friday, May 23, 2008

You Know What a Zoomer is, Don't Ya Sammy?

My work will be gracing the interior of Beatroute magazine for the second time and I'm much happier with this one than of the Breeders pic I did for them in April. This piece will be in the upcoming June issue and focuses on the band Wolf Parade and their new release "At Mount Zoomer." The concept was all Jesse's (the writer guy) and even though this is a few days old, I still like it. I was quite pleased with how the coloring came out.
-----I'm going to check out the new Indiana Jones flick this weekend. Should be fun.
-----Plan on posting some drink n draw pics this weekend or maybe Monday.
-----Saw the Hives in concert last night. They blew my mind. It was fucking delicious.
-----I can't get paragraphs to work on this stupid blog!


Anonymous said...

outstanding artwork! why no dante in the picture, just out of curiosity? again though thats a great creation.

Daniel Andrews said...

2 words come to mind for some reason. "Trippy", and "Beatles". I don't know that band and have limited knowledge of the Beatles music. The style just reminds me of something I may have seen coming from the group.
Plus I'm drunk.

Luv'in the work dude, cant wait to see some drink and draw shit.

MR. NICK said...

Thanks anonymous! Glad you like it.

I was using a reference pic provided by the writer and unfortunately, no Dante was listed. I'll have to do a bit more research next time.

Dan? Drunk? Does this mean some trippy pieces of your own are on the way?!?