Monday, May 26, 2008

Rough It In, Rough It Out

Alright, so here are a few of the pics I liked from last Drink n Draw. All of them are pretty rough, so behold the magic of the process:

The first pic was done with a regular ballpoint pen. Surprised with the textures I got out of it. That little yellow guy looks like a twisted version of CHEESE from FOSTER'S. And yes, I believe he is scary.

Secondly are the rough pencils for a pinup I'll be doing of Gabriel Bautista Jr.'s I LOVE HAM characters. These guys are tons of fun to draw.

And finally, here's the Slacker Hero who needs no introduction, SCOTT PILGRIM. Also tons of fun to draw. I look forward to inking and coloring his rambunctious ass. I've got lots of writing to do this week, so here's hoping I can squeeze some drawing in. It'd be nice to get started on The Holiday Men Episode 2.

--Oh, and on a completely unrelated note: I saw Indy 4 on the weekend (didn't like it too much) but on the way out, my roomie Chad spotted the HIVES! The very band we had seen the night prior at one of the best shows I have ever seen. I actually got to shake Howlin' Pete's hand! I managed to maintain composure unitl after he left, at which point I hid behind a column, grinning and giggling like a maniac. It was magical... I regret nothing.


Daniel Andrews said...

I like the ball point drawing cause of the character. But ur other 2 pic have some good energy in them.
When are you starting more Holiday Men?

MR. NICK said...

I'm hoping to get character designs under way next week. Slow going I know. I've fallen victim to post-project laziness.

Richard "Virge" Barkman said...

Scott Pilgrim's the bomb!!!! I still think you're the real deal dude, and that you should be in the movie! Good drawings man.