Thursday, May 15, 2008

And So the Drifter Roamed the Seattle Streets...Passportless.

Got back from Seattle's Emerald City Comicon this past Monday. It was great time aside from losing my passport in the US and almost flying off the frozen Alberta roads on Thursday night. I'll definitely be heading back next year with an eye to exhibit. Thanks to Peterson and Barkman for being great company.
Notables? Andre of "Groove Junction" fame. Cool guy. Great comic. Can't wait for the next issue. Gabriel Bautista Jr. , seated to Andre's left. Very talented. Look for his work in the second Popun anthology.
Bryan Lee O'Malley signed a copy of Scott Pilgrim 4 for me. I read it through in one night. Damn good fun. can't wait for the flick. On a panel, he mentioned that he knew about a million people who all claimed to be the real Scott Pilgrim and his ambition is to have them all fight to the death in the middle of Toronto for the official title. I'll pay to see that. Hell, I'll fight to compete.

Anyway, what precedes my rambling is another skecth dump from another Drink n Draw. Twas good fun. Really digging Random Guy. Especially his smashing boxer-briefs. Also my preferred choice of undergarment.

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Daniel Andrews said...

Great sketckes man. Good to see you put some
color into them. I dig randoms boxers
too, but he wore the wrong ones :)