Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stick a Fork In Me...

...I'm done!!! More to the point, WE are done. Andrew, Tiina and I have posted the last installment of Episode 1 of the Holiday Men. Head to chemsetcomics.com to check it out!
And what have we here? Is this the full color preview for the upcoming release of the print version of Holiday Men? Why yes it is! Drawn by myself and colored by my roommate Chad "I've Got a Beard and You Don't" Veinot. The book is the main reason I haven't been posting regularely, but I'm happy to say it's at the printers and I've lit several candles in hopes that they arrive before the Edmonton con on the 20th.
Anyways, I've got shit loads to talk about, but I have no time at the moment. But soon, I promise.
Thanks for everyone's support on the Holiday Men. I appreciate all of the feedback and comments so much.


Daniel Andrews said...

Awesome man. Cant wait to hand over my cash to ya :D

The cover looks great dude.

Johnny said...

Great job man. Congrats on the completion.

Daniel Andrews said...

Ive been getting allot of cool comments on your designs for a picture I posted this morning. I did a fan art piece of you "Sand Monkeys" characters.

Here is just one of the comments made to me by a guy who goes by the name Inkpaper.


"Those are really nice designs. I hope you can pass that mention on to your friend Nick. The name Pastor Disaster is just so funny to me. Very Creative ^^"

Just passing the work allong

Here's a link to the pic I did and the coments that follow