Friday, March 14, 2008

Define "Epic"

The action over at the THE HOLIDAY MEN is getting more intense and ridiculous with each passing week and this panel's a nice little preview of the madness to ensue. It took awhile to get this one down as reference was needed for HumVees, Tanks and even a US Coast Guard boat. Plus let's not forget that I kinda suck at backgrounds and perspective! But, I'm fairly happy with the result thus far.

If you haven't yet checked out the latest installments of the Holiday Men, get your fix at or check out all of the catch up pages, in order, right here:

And for you old schoolers (like myself) who simply MUST have an actual physical comic, printed on paper and stapled together, to digest and truly enjoy a story, the wait is nearly over! Issue one of the Holiday Men is being released this April and features a new color cover, a preview pic for episode 2 and some kick ass contributions from the uber-talented Trevor Sieben and everyone's favorite nihilistic moralist, Chris Peterson!

I'll post a preview of the cover at a later (hopefully sooner) date.


Daniel Andrews said...

Nice page lay out. I see its just a rough but just be careful of the vehicles for the most part. Try and get a slight angle on them showing a little bit of roof. the reader is looking down on the shot.
I'm liking how busy it is though. You tossed in enough to really make it a crowd.
Toss Waldo in there too :P

Johnny said...

It's been awhile my friend. Just wanted to say - Great work on the Holiday Men. I really enjoyed it. You and Andrew did a great job and should be proud in what you did!

Talk to you soon.