Thursday, April 10, 2008

How Do You Spell Relief?

"D-R-I-N-K -N'-D-R-A-W"

It was my first drink n draw in a looong time and it felt good to see everyone again and do up a few random pieces that didn't involve the Holiday Men for once (though I did skecth a pic of Nick anyway...)

This fella happens to be a rendition of my fave animal...the mighty Red Panda! I didn't have photo ref though, so he's not quite right. But I like's him. You can thank Abby for that bit of crotch fat peeking out there. And who is 'Platon', you ask? A photographer that said friend Abby really digs. Mental note: Look up Platon.

I'll finish off today's post with two smaller pics. The first is The Immaculate, a kick ass mother f*%$er who will be featured in a story that is percolating in my brain pan. Drawn with the brush pen, inspired by Crispin Glover.

The rabbit will be for a friend's birthday card and was more fun to draw than I expected.

Lots of news coming up about signing in Edmonton, a release party in Calgary and of course the 2 day con in Calgary! Spring is always so busy. I love it!

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Johnny said...

Hey man!

Glad to see you on a roll after such a hectic schedule. I love your red panda. Such a great look for a animated show. See you soon man. Sorry we haven't been able to talk...Maybe we'll get a chance at the con. See ya.