Thursday, February 14, 2008


This little diddy was done up at the Drink n Draw last night. It was tons of fun was inked with a brush pen, something I'm really starting to enjoy. And gasp! What's this? Is that a background!?! Thanks to Jason and Drew for helping me nail the pose. Trees are fun to draw. Something I realized while drawing one for my Mercy Seat story, which I just finished inking last night before Drink n Draw. I wan't sure if I was going to make it at all, but I'm glad I did. The beer and association and creativity were the perfect prescription for a blues filled week.

Lucky for me, the generous Gord Cummings has agreed to letter my Mercy Seat entry. I bestow many thanks in his general direction. I'll post some pages of said story soon.

Oh! And look what's FINALLY coming out next week:

I've been waiting for the 12th issue of Casanova since December!!! It's one of the few books I buy right off the shelf instead of waiting for the trade so naturally, I'm all riled up and ready for my fix. And one of my fave artists, Jim Mahfood will be releasing his art book on the 20th as well:

I had no idea this was coming, so here's hoping I can snag me a copy. The race is on Vince!!! And in conclusion, here is another pic from Drink n Draw:

I don't know who this guy is, but Dan said he looks like a young...a young....dammit, I forget. Bring on the long weekend!!! (AKA some much needed Holiday Men catch-up time)


Daniel Andrews said...

A Young Brit...Kirkman's.

FS said...

Nick! That frog is fantastic! Who knew that a background could make such a difference... not me!