Monday, February 4, 2008

Busy Bee McGee

Wow, things are getting busy. My four week buffer on Holiday Men pretty much evaporated and I'm overdue on my Mercy Seat story for the classy Mr. James Davidge. If you haven't read his comic the Wandering Stars, then you're missing out, son! Anyways, here's a penciled page from that Mercy Seat project:

It's nice to show off a penciled page for once as I'm always inking my finished work and I miss the full, sketchy look of the uninked pages. I'm going for a super animated look on this project, mostly because that's what I draw the easiest and quickest. I really like the panel where the kid is straightening his glasses, as I've been putting some serious effort into having my characters act naturally, doing things that regular people do, regardless of whether they be running, talking, fighting or what have you.

And here's the extra pic from Drink n Draw finally colored. It's AQUA LEUNG, baby, Paul Maybury and Mark Andrew Smith's upcoming underwater epic from Image. The piece is darker here than on the other computer on which it was colored. I did this on cardboard and muted the colors so that the texture still showed through. I love drawing on cardboard, something that Dave Johnson does all the time and my friend Vince enjoys this as well.

Oh and where's my head at? In listing all the other talented folk living in the Calgary area, (heretofore to be refererred to as the "Calgarea") I foolishly neglected the glamourous Ms. Fiona Staples. So, I've added her to my list of links. Be sure to visit. And for the love of god, DON'T tell her Nick sent you. I can't be held responsible for what she might do to anyone affiliated with me in any way. (I'm obviously joking, but I hate using smiley faces. Reminds me of when I was a young girl, chatting with my friends over MSN.) OMG, I'm rambling! Tee hee.

Ah well. Off to work on those comic pages. It's gonna be a looooong but fun week.


Vince K. Smith said...

Nice pics, fella. Just wondering, why do you keep the pics small? I want to click them to make them big enough to see through my giant mustache, but to no avail.

I'm going to post some of my MC:CAC stuff tonight, so check it foo!



MR. NICK said...

I. Don't. Know. My first pic with Dredd works fine but for some reason none of the following pics will enlarge.

Probably due to the usual technological incompetence.

Johnny said...

Good stuff as always Nick. I think you are missing some text in the coding when pasting pics, could be why they're not enlarging. I'm noticing in some cases on the html - the "img" is isn't typed in. For example it should read "img src=". I could be wrong but that is a possibility.

Johnny said...

Never Mind I think I was wrong. I'm still getting the hang of this html stuff, I know simple code so there's probably something in there that I can't see or tell.