Friday, February 8, 2008

Gods and Monsters

Alright, so we have a Vicious Ambitious challenge that we assign every second week, and the last one was to draw another VA member's character(s). I chose Vince's Thor and Frankenstein, featured in the Rock-Tacular Round Two, probably my fave VA release to date. Used a similar inking style as the Dredd pic: one line weight, none of my usual thick outlines, and coloring in PhotoShop. I like how the coloring turned out though the drawing does look a bit rushed. Which it was. As usual.

This week, much work needed to be done, but I didn't step up to the plate. I did get page 12 Holiday Men tones in though, and finished penciling the Mercy seat story, so that's pretty good. But I need to really pick up the pace. A meeting in Red Deer on Saturday and a film shoot on Sunday probably won't help. But I'm sure it'll all work out.


DAN-VAN-COOL said...

Screw my Thor design, That one is rad.

Johnny said...

Nice work man. The coloring suits your style, great job man!