Friday, December 1, 2017


About ten years ago, I was joking around with my good buddy Chad, saying: "If I ever release a collection of my comic short stories, I'm going to call it NICK JOHNSON: ALL OF ME, just like that FARRAH FAWCETT Playboy video. And I'm going to fill it with pinup photos of myself that homage the exact ones on the dvd box. Wouldn't that be HILARIOUS?"

Well, when I finally got around to collecting these shorts, I'd forgotten about this convo entirely! That was until aforementioned good buddy Chad piped up and said "Hey Nick, weren't you going to name it after that Farrah Fawcett video???"

I'm a man of my word.

Thankfully, I thought better of the photo pinups and decided to draw my cartoon self into the book instead. You're welcome!

So behold! NICK JOHNSON: ALL OF ME! 142 pages of comic stories drawn between 2005 and 2015! What started as a collection of my own work turned into a tribute to the wide array of insanely talented, and good-hearted folk I've worked with throughout the years!

While I did publish a very small print run of this big, very costly book, it is now available digitally on COMIXCENTRAL, a fantastic hub for indie comics!  I've got a Shop there now featuring my first mini-comic series, THE ART OF DODGING SHADOWS and the fan favourite WOLF HANDS! Here is a smattering of the many stories you will find inside:


Most of these stories have been out-of-print or otherwise unavailable for years, some of them have never been released before, so I was vehement that these stories get one more chance to shine.

Flipping through this book, and literally seeing my evolution as a comics storyteller, is pretty thrilling. And remembering all the great times I've had with the vibrant Alberta comics community warms my shrivelled little grape of a heart.

I hope you'll enjoy the ride!

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