Sunday, June 9, 2013

Strangest Places

Behold! The final project for my Information Illustration class which was definitely the most fun to research! This was a documentary assignment where we had to follow someone around, creating on-the-spot sketches to convey a feeling for their craft, tools and being in the moment. Being a huge fan of the Calgary music scene, I knew instantly I would try to depict the energy of a live show.

But what band should I focus on? When I asked around, the name that kept coming up was... The Suppliers!

They're a great band and I was really lucky to sit in on an interview with them and then do some on-site sketching of them as they played at the Gateway.

I noticed the drawing took a bit of a dive after a few beers, but it also became a lot more fun.

The final image is a compilation of these spontaneous sketches and a central piece based on some reference photos. I hope it does the band justice because they are an active, talented bunch who put on a great show.

Music, videos and more from the Suppliers can be found here!

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