Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Phantom Process

Here's part deux of our Pulp Fiction Character assignment in school. I threw some process in there for fun. I dove into the wild n wacky world of crow quill pens and india ink and I am loving it. It's definitely a challenge but it's all worth it when you get that perfect shining line, rich with personality.

More Col. Phantom, comin' at ya:

Here's the first comp we had to do. Type is always a tricky mistress to please but this was just a comp so I wasn't required to push it to completion. I was going for a very iconic look to this one, simple and bad ass, which is nice because I usually end up packing my illustrations with waaay too much visual information. Case in point:

Yep, lots going on. Got a bit carried away with the colors. But I'm making lots of little discoveries along the way. Me and this piece need some time apart, so I'll just move on before I say anything I can't take back.


Christopher Johnston said...

Cool man, looks good.

Anonymous said...

"Nick johnson is the best contemporary illustrator of our generation"

- Anonymous

MR. NICK said...

Thanks, Chris. I love the Roy pages by the way, really wish I could hold them in my hand someday.

Anonymous, you truly earned that $20 I promised you.

Alex Ashby said...

Hey Nick looking pretty good, keep up the good work! Anyone else currently in illustration at ACAD have an active blog running? Interested in seeing some more work by you guys!

MR. NICK said...

Thanks, Alex, there's a really good ACAD blog at which showcases lots of grads and a few current artists. Really great stuff. And I have a few on my links section with a plan to update that this summer.