Monday, August 8, 2011

Design by Design, But Not Very Well

Here are some of my design efforts, the first was my final project for Comm. Design 2. My research led to the Secessionists becoming a very major influence on me and I really do adore their magazine Ver Sacrum. I love researching art history and referencing from life for class, thereby adding new stuff to the Nick Soup Mix. Makes the art gooder and the brain bigger.

This is just something I did really quick when I was bored at work. I can't draw or scan anything while I'm there so I just grab photos off the internet or make abstract shapes and color schemes.

What kind of articles would we find in the latest issue of Bang: a Magazine? I used the Big Bang as my starting point and that's where this image began.

And finally, here are some fake posters for my yet-to-be-made opus Reactionary, also made at work under the constraints of online images and type and color as opposed to illustration. I did these to practice design, as well as large format printing and mounting at work. I also find it inspirational to the writing process to have these phony posters to look at. I really could have pushed that type more... The look and the colors are pretty much ripped off from an amazing poster for the George Clooney flick The American. It really struck me and I knew I had to try my own crack at it.

I have finished a complete and comprehensive plot for Reactionary and have begun writing it. It's still a very large and complicated tale, and quite the challenge, but pieces are falling into place and I've made some serious advancements to both the story and the look of the world of Reactionary.

ON SALE NOW!!!: At the Fabler, you can now purchase the Classics Illustrated book that was meant to go on sale at the Calgary Expo but it's available for online purchase now and there really are some beautiful pieces by some amazing local artists (excluding the Masque of the Red Death pic I contributed which I am starting to hate passionately.)

That's it for tonight. I'm aiming to have some new comic pages up in the next couple weeks before school hits. That's right. ACAD Year 3: The Awakening is on the horizon.

Can't wait!


sewa mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

MR. NICK said...

Thanks, Sewa. And thanks for dropping by!