Monday, January 10, 2011

When Cutesy Fights for the Forces of Darkness

The Deplorable Mr. Barnaby Spends an Evening at Suspirious Manor: This is by far one of my favorite pieces of the year so far. I used all my artistic powers of cutesy and charm to render pure evil and by god was it ever fun.

Lots to see here, take your time, drink it in.

This is totally my salute to older classic horror movies like the Shining and Suspiria, which is one of my faves.

This piece is pure cute and was lots of fun. Very Dr. Seuss inspired, just like the poem itself which was written by William Dorman for his kids. It was commissioned by him for this past Christmas.

More second year stuff on the way!

Oh and for fun, here's me and the band dressed up in our very own Super-Me Three costumes, hand made by me for our tribute show last week. It so much work being in a band but getting to rock out in short shorts and a cape makes it aaaaaall worth it:)

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