Saturday, May 8, 2010

Expo Peep Show

Not only did I attend the spectacular Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo last April, but I also had the good fortune of being featured in their beautiful art souvenir book. The theme was sci-fi, so I fell back on the only sci-fi story I've ever done, Space Ninja Monkey Face, from Rocket Juice.

Like with all my pinups, I tried to mash as many characters and story points onto one surface as possible, I guess to ensure that people always get their money's worth and are able to spend some quality time with the page.

Quality sexy time.


FS said...

The page is shaped like a BUTT!

Or a heart, I guess.

Abbz said...

I love it! there is definitely a lot of interesting things to feast my eyes upon.

MR. NICK said...

Shaped like boobies, a butt, and a heart. Because it's all about love :)

Thanks, Abbz! Happy to keep those hungry eyes fed.