Sunday, October 18, 2009

High Concept

For a year or so, my fellow VA chum, Chris Peterson, has been slaving away on an exciting new comic project for Arcana Studios entitled DRAGONS VS. DINOSAURS. It seems like he's nearing completion on the beast (I can't wait to see the final product) and he was kind enough to let me do a pinup for the book.

I'll be adding color soon. The overall jam-packed-craziness of the pic can be attributed directly to the rest of the artists (Fiona, Conor, Steve, Neil) egging me on at 24hr Comic Day, which I used to complete my new profile pic and a lot of homework.

Yes, that Dragon is attacking a volcano.

1 comment:

FS said...

Is that dragon attacking a volcano??

Hahaha! I'm so excited! I need to save some great ideas for myself now.