Monday, October 5, 2009

He's Alive! Ali-i-i-i-ve!

...barely :)

Art school has been keeping me supremely busy as of late, which shouldn't be a surprise, but still managed to surprise me. I'm learning lots though, especially about design fundamentals, perspective and contemporary art.

Oh! and this just in: I suck at painting. But I'm learning.

I just wrapped work on a program for a local dance production of West Side Story. I didn't get to see it, which really bums me out. The program was supposed to contain a full comic story, but ended up being 2 pages of intro with some character designs. There just wasn't time in the day to do the whole thing, but I'm still disappointed in myself for not pulling through. Anyway, here are some choice pics:

These character profiles were all based on real folks so it was nice to flex my portrait muscles.

In other news: My brother and I are now part of a rockin' musical trio known to the world-at-large as ME THREE. We're a punk band with fast and heavy beats, screams, growls and harmonies a plenty. Something for everyone! My bro is guitar and vocals, while I play bass and back-up vocals. Our drummer is one Bayan Sharafi and he's fantastic.

Here's our kick ass logo, designed by me and my bro:

So be sure to drop by our MySpace page to hear our first two tracks and find details of upcoming shows. Our first one is Thursday, the 15th of October at the Shamrock Inn!

I just read Jeff Lemire's ESSEX COUNTY by the way. It's very good. It may very well have been the first comic to bring a tear to my eye. Powerful, evocative stuff, here people. Take notes.


FS said...

That logo is so great! SKulls are good for everything. I'd wear it on a shirt.

MR. NICK said...

Thanks, guys! We should have some T-shirts printed up soon.

My jeans aren't that tight...wheeze.

Paul Lavallee said...

Sweet logo. Skulls rule.