Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ju-Ly Peep Show

After making a mockery of sorts out of "Post-every-day-in-June", I've crawled out of my rock with some tantalizing treats for your rods and cones. . . well, at least some of them are tantalizing.


The Comic World exhibit is in full swing at the Creative Kids Museum and things are going great. If you've got a couple of rugrats, you should definitely drop by and say hello and make some comics.


I've been working on this all ages tale during my stay at the CKM and here's the first page of pencils so far:


And here are a few Drink n Draw pics to throw into the mix (the first one, this dumpy-looking, sad-sack Batman, well, it's an experiment gone horribly awry and I wasn't gonna post it, but Chris J demanded it be so. So here he is in all his glory...)

I'll keep updating with No more Parents as it gets completed. Till then, see ya!