Friday, July 17, 2009

Reliably Unreliable

URGH! So I just spent, like, 4 hours coloring page 1 of No More Parents and then I accidentally saved the reduced version of it. It should do for a rough print out, but not when it comes to actual printing. (mutters various inventive cuss words under breath, all directed at himself.)

Anyways, bitching aside, here it is:

I decided to stick to flat colors, no shading, just to speed things up (San Diego is less than a week away) but I did have to add a shadow in panel 2 because the script called for it, so now it's kind of inconsistent...

And here are pencils for Page 4 as well:

This page is a little sloppier than the previous 3, as I didn't spend as much time tightening the pencils and greying in the areas that will be black (in the interests of saving time, of course.) After finishing the rough pencils for page 5 today, I had to wonder how many more times I could draw Britney angry in a different way. I counted a total of 12 so far, some of them rather similar.

Here's hoping she cools off a bit.

So yeah, SD next week. Holy Canoli!

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