Thursday, April 2, 2009

We're Off to See the Wizard! Here's Hoping He's Wearing Pants.

I'm headed off to the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle tomorrow. Should be loads of fun!

Here's some stuff from Drink n Draw yesterday. It was my first official D n D session in 3 weeks, which is a long damn time not to consume copious amounts of spirits whilst doodling and exchanging witticisms with my creative brethren. We had a great showing too.

This page has random heads (the ladies are starting to look better) and features one of the many quotable quotes that are hurled into the Void at every Drink n Draw. Seriously, it's always super hilarious.

Speaking of brethren, my friend Jason Mehmel, who also happens to be a talented writer and director, has a blog which I have added to my Other Who Rock list. Or you can click on his name. Regardless, be sure to visit. If only to just to take in his awesome banner photo:)

Page one of my current project is penciled and looking good. Don't think I'll get much work done over the next week unfortunately, as I'll be in BC after Seattle, but I'll try my damndest. I don't want to lose my groove and then have to go to the Islands to get it back or anything.

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