Saturday, February 28, 2009

Get This Space Monkey Off My Back!

My trip to NYC filled me with unfathomable amounts of inspiration and energy. I'm am using some of it to put the finishing touches on my Rocket Juice story, SPACE NINJA MONKEY FACE. I am really digging how it's turning out and am quite excited to reveal it to the world:) Here's a panel:

The "other monkey on my back" would be my apalling lack of skill with the tablet. I have been coloring all my work with a mouse, like cavemen used to do back in dinosaur times. I hear that once I learn how to use this mysterious machine, my work will improve by leaps and bounds and I will save oodles of time. I mostly want to learn it so my roomie Chad (sporting a sweet new blog by the by) and the rest of the folks at Drink n Draw will stop razzing me:) After that, I'll focus on trying to draw characters who don't always have their leg up.

And I will update my blog more. I'm pretty sure, yeah.

1 comment:

Daniel Andrews said...

That POW is kick ass. Nice way to work him in buddy.
You'll be getting my cash once this bad boyz done.