Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rock Out with Your Chalk Out!

My second year at ACAD is well under way and it is every bit as insane as I was told it would be. The good news is that I'm taking some sweet classes with some awesome projects, good teachers, and I'm sure I can already see a difference in my art.

Anyways, the first week of school also brought with it the annual Chalk Walk. I almost didn't enter because I was pretty busy but I'm glad I did. My first day at Chalk Walk was tons of fun, Natasha was a fun chalk buddy and I managed to pull in second place for the competition. I basically just did my take of American Gothic: cartoony, chalky, saturated like a mushroom trip.

Below are the pics of my work in progress. It's not very comprehensive. And I threw in a pic of me looking like a maniac. And Natasha flashing some gang signs or something.

Took part in 24 Hour Comic Day last month. Hoping to have that scanned soon.

See you, Mary Lou.


Abby said...

AMAZING! No wonder you won! :D

Cognoman said...

Poor Bert. He went bald and even though Ernie got a nose job and a sex change, Bert could still never truly free himself to truly be with her...him...himher.

Truly, this chalk image captures the anguish of the human soul struggling to survive in a cold cruel existence. Art school has given your work a veritable sense of gravitas, Nick. A palpable, wristcutting sense of existential agony. Powerful.

Well done, old chap. Well done, indeed.

MR. NICK said...

Ha, thanks Abby.

Cogs, I also noticed the stunning similarity to Bert only after finishing the whole thing. And thank you for acknowledging the general overflowing of misery and angst from the well spring of my troubled soul.

Caleb, dragons. Yes. The rain washed them away...