Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Update?" What's an Update?

Alright so I think I'm going to start making this blog public knowledge now, and hopefully I'll be able to keep it on a regular schedule of some kind.

If you haven't heard, me and Andrew F***in' Foley (the twisted and talented writer of Parting Ways and Done to Death) are working on the most ass-kickingest webcomic in the galaxy and its called the Holiday Men. It updates every Tuesday on So go there. View it. Enjoy it.
And here's a sneak peek at a panel from said awesome webcomic. It's from page 12 and precedes a horrible act of vehicular carnage that was immense amounts of fun to create. Jacko is my fave character to draw at the moment, probably because I get to draw him the least. Drawing the inside of a van was harder than I thought. Photo reference helped immensely, as it usually does.

Oooh! And I also added links to some very talented folk living in Alberta. The only exception being Paul Maybury, who's book Aqua Leung is released in April. I await it with bated breath.


FS said...

I'm always the last to know!

Very attractive blog Nick, never seen any of your Holiday Men stuff pre-inking! It's like seeing a close relative in their underwear.

Johnny said...

Holiday if very enjoyable so far, you and Andrew have done a great job so far. I'm going to do some fan art, because, you know, I'm a fan!

Anonymous said...

"It's like seeing a close relative in their underwear."

Oooh, how erotic! Glad you're liking it, Eff. Hope you're having a good trip. Canada misses you!

Johnny, glad you're digging the H-Men. Can't wait to see some fan art!